ShareMe App: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to share your media files with your friends? Can you do it easily within a few seconds or do you come across some drawbacks in this sharing process? If so, here is the app that simplifies the sharing process. ShareMe App. The app has gained popularity as an easy-to-use handy app to share and transfer your files. The app allows you to share and transfer videos, music, images, files, apps, etc between devices. With ShareMe you can transfer all your wanted files with ease and much comfort. If you also want to try and know more about this app here are some of the questions arising on this nice sharing app ShareMe with the answers.

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ShareMe FAQs

Some of the common questions about this tool and answers are included here.

What is ShareMe?

ShareMe is an app that facilitates the wireless sharing and transferring of files between devices This makes sharing and transferring files a very quicker and simpler process. The app is free to download on your Android. Plus, using this you can transfer large files as well.

What devices are compatible with ShareMe?

ShareMe Indeed is a handy app that allows you to download and use on different types of devices including Android, iOS and PC.

Android: Though Xiaomi developed this app it can be downloaded to any Android device regardless of the brand or the model of the device.

iOS: You can download this nice tool on your iPhones and iPads as well.

PCs: The app is available for your PC too making file sharing an easy and simple process. But for this sometimes you have to use an Android Emulator.

How do I transfer files with ShareMe?

Sharing files between devices is simple and quick with ShareMe. Here is the simple guidance to share files.

  1. First, you have to download and install ShareMe on both devices.
  2. After the installation, launch and open the app on both devices. One device will act as the sender and the other is the receiver.
  3. Open the app on the sender’s device and select the option ‘Send’.
  4. Then select the files you want to share.
  5. Go to the receiver’s device and tap on the option ‘Receive’. Then a QR code with a name will appear on the screen.
  6. Scan this QR code using the sender device or just type the name of the receiver device on the sender device.
  7. To connect it will take a few seconds. Then tap on the button ‘Connect’.
  8. Once the two devices are connected the files will be shared within a few seconds.
  9. If you want to share more just tap on the ‘Send More’ option. If not, disconnect the devices by simply tapping on the disconnect button.

Is there a limit to the size of files I can share with ShareMe?

This is one of the coolest features of the app. There is no size limitation to the files you will share and transfer with ShareMe. You can share even large files like movies through this platform making room for you to share any type of file you want. Also, this supports multiple file formats too.

Do I need an internet connection to use ShareMe?

This is the other specialty of the app ShareMe. You do not need to connect to the internet when using the app. This makes it easier for you to use the app even on the go.

Is ShareMe safe to use?

ShareMe is considered safer to use on all your devices. It focuses on protecting the privacy and security of the users. Capable of securing your connections and also lets you select the files to share as a safety measure. So, be sure to share only the files without any personal information.

Can I resume the interrupted transfers?

Yes. Of course. The app allows you to resume your interrupted transfers without the need of a start-over. This too is a nice feature of the app that you may love.

Is ShareMe free?

Yes. You can download this handy app on your Android device freely from the Google Play Store. There are no hidden charges or in-app purchases available.

Does ShareMe use up my data?

No. The app does not use mobile data. It only uses Wi-Fi direct to connect. For this connection it creates a hotspot on one device. Here no data is transferring to the servers. So, no consumption of mobile data is involved in this sharing process.

Does ShareMe reduce the picture quality?

As there are no file compression features available the files that are transferred and shared through ShareMe will not lose its original quality.

How can I learn more about using ShareMe?

If you want to learn more about this app you can refer to the tutorials and guides included in the app. Moreover, you can try referring to community support and forums on ShareMe including its official website. Or else try searching other online sources and social media platforms.

Does ShareMe support only the English language?

No. Other than English the app supports some other languages too. There are around 70+ languages supported by the app including Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, etc.

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What are some alternatives to ShareMe?

There are plenty of alternatives to this sharing and transferring app ShareMe. To mention some of these alternatives are SHAREit, Xender, Snapdrop, EasyShare, AirDroid, etc.

If you love to enjoy a convenient and a quicker process of file sharing and transferring between devices then ShareMe is one of the best apps to try on your Android, iOS and PCs. It comprises many features that makes sharing a simpler and an easier process.

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